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Who We Are

We are Youth for Youth

Every child holds a universe of possibilities within their smile, and at Angels Home, Bangalore. We strive to turn those possibilities into realities. Through education and joyful experiences, we are dedicated to nurturing hope and happiness in the hearts of those who will shape tomorrow.


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What they need

Every book, toy, and piece of clothing holds the potential to enrich a child's life. We've streamlined our donation process to ensure your generosity swiftly benefits our children. Your contributions of gently used items can spark joy and foster growth, shaping brighter futures. Step forward—your simple act of kindness can make a profound difference.

Youth for Youth

Join our Giving Collab, a WhatsApp community where dreams of support and hope for children come to life. With your help, we can extend a helping hand. Let's engage, connect, and make a difference together.

Meet our children



​Alpha is an aspiring youngster who lives in Angels home, she is known for her humour.

As we all are aware of the difficulties faced by underprivileged children with respect to their education, the 56 children at Angel’s orphanage learn/attend classes on one single mobile phone. It can get cumbersome to study with such limited resources.Come forward and donate an e-learning kit to our children!


​Hemanth was upbeat when we visited Angels home and was much more energized when we solicited him to snap this picture from him grinning. 

The motivation behind why Hemanth was so cheerful this day was a little KFC brunch amongst 56 children that was contributed for the shelter that day.

Make their learning easier & efficient by contributing monetarily or donate your old phones, laptops & tablets for our children to learn and grow even during such unprecedented times.


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