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Join us in brightening a child's day by treating them to a shopping spree worth up to 5000 Rupees! Whether it's savoring a five-star meal, picking out new toys, or shopping for stylish clothes, your contribution can bring endless joy to a child in need.

Points to Remember

As we document our journey to bring joy to children in need, here are some streamlined communication strategies to enhance our storytelling and audience engagement.


Always refer to the beneficiary as "This Child.


During slower moments, the creator should engage directly with the audience, encouraging them to participate in the initiative by tagging the creator in the comments to expand the outreach.


Display the child's name, the store owner's, and the store's details prominently, including Instagram IDs where available.


Include an interview moment asking the child about their aspirations.


Maximize brand visibility and foster collaborative opportunities by prominently featuring and tagging our partner supermarkets in our content, showcasing the mutual commitment to community support.


Provide a Google Drive link containing additional footage of the children, our logo, animated logo, and the brand kit for creators' use.

If you are a creator, commit to the cause!

Make a difference, one reel at a time.

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