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Community-based Approach to Giving - Here's All You Need to Know About Us!

A quick scroll through our website or Instagram will give you an idea about the kind of positivity we’re trying to spread ✨ or the kind of stories we’re trying to tell. Well, how do we go about our journey of giving back to the community you ask? Allow us to share our story with you!

Youth for Youth is the CSR wing of The Hub that was started in 2011 by Simone Arora and our Founder Azaan Sait. We are actively involved with Angels’ Children's Home orphanage which is located in Bangalore. With over 50 kids, Angels’ Home is home to many orphans that we try to help educate and put a smile on their faces. 💫


Initially, this initiative aimed at connecting the youth with like-minded orphans so that they could help build a relationship with them, and contribute in any way possible to provide them with more opportunities. Our initiative has always been youth-centric - for the Youth by the Youth. 👧🏽 Originally we started off as ‘Adopt Your Doppelganger’ (AYDG), but we’ve moved towards expanding our horizon. We’ve come a long way since then; our journey has evolved over time, but our mission remains the same - we want to help uplift the youth community in any way we can. 💪🏻

Have you met the lovely little ones at Angels’ Home? 🥰

Who wouldn’t want to help bring a smile to their faces? We love being a part of the change, regardless of how massive or tiny the impact is. 🙌🏻 Our belief remains that efforts and actions mean everything - change does not happen overnight.

We love reminiscing some of our precious memories with the little ones, be it the Carnival we held in 2018 or the Children’s day event we held in 2019. If you were to ever catch us in our element, you might even call us their “spoiler aunties” with all the fun, food and dance involved! 🥳 We’re happy to be called that, and we look forward to being more and more involved in all that we do at Angels’ Home. Recently, our entire team visited them for a small samosa party of sorts. Let me give you a sneak peek - there was a lot of samosas, mango juice, dance, and cricket talk involved! 😉

Our community has always largely been based on Instagram. Social media has proved itself to be a perfect platform to spread awareness and bring about change. We believe in Giving - this has been our motto ever since we began. ✊🏻 Giving - a simple word but holds within itself layers of emotions, actions and change. Moved by the depth of this concept, we decided to change our name on Instagram from ‘Youth for Youth’ to ‘Givingcollab’. While a name change might seem insignificant at first glance, we have understood the importance of how important a name is in shaping our motives and approach. While we still remain to be youth-centric, we are broadening our approach into collaborative efforts of people - because that’s what community is all about, right? 🤝

A Community-based Approach to Giving is what we're working towards! 🙌🏻

Our focus is to spread positivity and motivation to the people around us to always be kind, caring and socially aware. While we love showing the world what we do, what we love even more is to showcase the work of others who are striving to make a difference in the community. Have you heard of our Community Spotlight program? 🔦 Community Spotlight is our initiative that focuses on highlighting individuals and organisations that are giving back to our community through their work.

Now that you know about us and what we do, here’s your chance to help us shine light on people who are making a difference out there. Are you a changemaker or know someone who is? We’d be delighted to spotlight them and their work. We’re doing our bit to help initiate change, what about you? You could always donate old books, 📚 toys 🧸 and clothes 👕 or anything beneficial for these kids. Or do you think you could come, conduct an event for our kids? 🤩 We’d love that! We’re open to all your ideas to get involved in our initiative, all you have to do is drop us a DM! 📥

P.S. - Stay tuned for some fun updates on our upcoming art class with the kids! 🎨😉

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